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Reviews for Elite Chiropractic

  • It started off with bad shoulder blade pains and I thought it would never go away. I went to Dr Scott and found out he is a great therapist as well. I look forward to coming in to get my ankles adjusted.

    - Cameron W.
  • Dr. Scott did a great job explaining what he was doing and how his practice opperates. I’m confident that he can help me.

    - Kathryn S.
  • After having seen other chiropractors, I was caught off guard by Dr. Scott’s approach – in a good way. He took the time to listen to me not only regarding my initial concern but to a whole body approach. His detailed explanations and review of results was refreshing and informative. One gets a true sense that he cares about your quality of life and how chiropractics can help in a variety of ways.

    - Leigh F.
  • I appreciate the way that Dr. Scott takes the time to explain what he is doing and how it will benefit me.

    - Tami F.
  • Dr. Scott and all of his staff are great. I really trust Dr. Scott as a chiropractor. I’ve been seeing chiropractors for years and Dr. Scott is hands down the best.

    - Kevin H.
  • Love how flexible and they work with your schedule! The team loves children. Takes care of special needs of every individual! Dr Scott is the greatest!!! And his team along with the other Dr is outstanding!

    - Rosalie S.
  • Dr. Scott has changed my life! I had horrible knee pain, attention issues, and trouble sleeping.  Now I am SO much happier and healthier!  Kelly and Liz are great too!  Always so friendly & accommodating! I ♥ Elite Chiropractic!

    - Niki R.
  • Excellent service! Very welcoming and I always know they deeply care about my health. I trust Dr. Scott with my family’s health and I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Juan M.
  • Tian, my daughter, came to Elite Chiropractic experiencing nearly weekly migraines. She was miserable! Throwing up, no lights and would sleep for hours to get rid of it. After only a few weeks of care her migraines are gone! We are on over 4 months without a migraine after years of suffering!

    - Alissa B.
  • Dr. Scott is passionate about what he does in addition to being a great chiropractor. Great staff and an overachiever welcoming environment.

    - John S.
  • Dr. Scott is very personable and knowledgeable! I highly recommend him!

    - Laurie K.
  • Kelly and Doctor Scott are very nice and do their jobs well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a chiropractor!

    - Cameron G.
  • Dr. Scott takes a holistic approach that has provided awesome results for me. I am sleeping better, have less pain, and just generally feel better!

    - Rob M.
  • Dr Scott takes genuine care of his patients. I’ve been fighting a cold for the past week and after my adjustment today I had results I needed. My nose started draining and my ears unplugged. He brought to my attention that my C1 was causing the problem and after the adjustment things started moving out. It’s cold and flu season so get in to see Dr Scott and take care of your health!!!

    - Kelly V.
  • Dr Scott and his staff were amazing. This was my first ever visit to a chiropractor. I got many questions answered as well as learned a lot more about how the body/spine are so intertwined. I am very thankful to be seeing such an informative Doctor. Thank you!!!

    - Emily K.
  • Dr. Scott is, hands down, one of the brightest and fun individuals you will ever meet! I trust him not only with my spine, but with my infant daughter’s as well. He is terrific with kids, and his expertise and care is unmatched. You will have a hard time finding a more personable chiropractor, and his genuine interest in each patient’s health and wellness is evident from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave!

    - Brittany N.
  • Dr. Scotty Nigbor is incredibly bright, kind, interesting, funny, understanding, helpful, and heals with his hands. He will ensure you feel welcomed and receive the highest standards of care. If you don’t utilize his prowess in the field of chiropractic and whole person care you’d be crazy!

    - Garrett J.
  • I have enjoyed my experience and relieving pain I thought I just had to live with.  Being able to sleep peacefully has been an added bonus!

    - Amber E.
  • I am feeling better physically and mentally. I am TRILLED that I can play more with my kids and feel better overall. Thank You!

    - Darcy B.
  • Dr. Scott was amazing! I’m involved with fitness competitions for leisure, and Dr. Scott was able to help me get back on my feet after injury. I highly recommend him to everyone I know!

    - Andrea
  • I am sleeping better! I have less tension and I gained more mental health happiness.

    - Taylor B.
  • Thanks Dr. Scott for the adjustments! My knee and tailbone are finally starting to heal and allow me to better train for my upcoming triathlon.

    - Melissa H.
  • Fantastic care from people who truly want what’s best for you. Dr. Scott takes the time to know your situation and explains what is going on. He gave me hope when medical doctors were not helping. 

    - Jennifer C.
  • Dr. Scott is great with kids and so wonderful with my 75 year old mom. His passion for helping people feel their best shines through in all that he does.

    - Megan D.
  • I’m impressed at the level of care Dr. Scott provides. I feel as though he knows how important my health is to me and he is working as hard as I am to get me where I need to be. In two visits Dr. Scott did more for me than any other chiropractor has my entire life. I know I’m in good hands.

    - Becky W.
  • They were very personable and family friendly. My first adjustment and consultation went excellent and I will spread the word!

    - Malissa G.
  • My daughter hurt her head and neck at gymnastics. Dr. Scott got her in quickly to assess and take the necessary precautions (doing an xray first) to be sure there was nothing more serious (break or dislocation), which I really appreciated. We proceeded with a treatment plan and she recovered from her accident quickly. She has no pain or discomfort and over all seems to be feeling a lot better! Thanks Dr. Scott!

    - Nicole J.
  • Dr. Scott is personable and does a great job diagnosing and explaining what the cause of your symptoms might be. In the recipe for good health, chiropractic care with Dr. Scott is the secret sauce that your Grandma is not telling you about.

    - Trenton S.
  • Dr. Scott is awesome! He has so much enthusiasm and has really worked with me to figure out a wellness plan for my individual needs. I always feel so much better after my adjustments and my neck pain has gotten so much better since I have seen him. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who is looking to feel better on a day to day basis!

    - Tommy G.
  • Dr. Scott and Staff have made care easy and impactful for our 18 month old. She runs into his office with excitement and leaves in a great mood. His consistent care and treatment has reduced ear infections significantly and progressed in terms of speech.

    - Noah S.
  • I came to see Dr Scott for chronic neck pain and now I have never felt this good in years. Dr Scott listens and educates his patients in a very caring manner. I definitely would recommend his practice to others.

    - Stacy H.
  • I can’t believe how much better I feel. This is the first time I have ever been to a Chiropractor. Doctor explained what to expect, I was not sure it could work like he explained. But just a couple of sessions with Dr. Nigbor and the improvement was surprising. Will continue with the course he planned out for me.

    - Patrick H.
  • Amazing. Dr. Scott adjusted me throughout my last weeks of pregnancy and my toddler. It helped incredibly with my back pain. He also made an early morning home visit during labor which was pretty epic… my newborn will be going soon for a visit.

    - Bradleigh R.
  • Great experience! Dr. Scott is very knowledgeable and very personable. He really took the time to listen to my concerns about my pain and explain the different option to me.

    - Jilene R.
  • Elite Chiropractic has helped me sleep better at night and has greatly improved my back pain. I am looking forward to continued improvement!

    - Jessica G.

What Our Patients Say . . .


Wow!!!! This was unlike any other chiropractic experience I have had. The Elite family is incredible. They truly became a part of our family, walking with us to improve our quality of life. Dr. Scott took the time to evaluate us and educate us. He worked with us on everything from ear infections to improved sleep to anxiety treatment to potty training to focus/attention and immune support. I would highly recommend a consultation with him! It could change your life!!!

- Kandi M.

Enjoyable Experience

We have been going to Elite for a few months now. The changes we have had in both my own and my daughter’s well-being is amazing. It’s definitely a process to get “straightened out”, but the doctors and staff at Elite make it an enjoyable experience. We always feel welcome, cared for, and listened to. Highly recommend giving Dr. Kyle & Dr. Scott a try.

- Deb P.

Cater to you Individual Needs

You won’t be disappointed! They completely cater to your individual needs! They take the time to figure out what’s actually going on with you. They’re very personable. And, the best part is, they’re very flexible with your schedule!

- Tony L.

Incomparable Skill

Dr. Scott is an excellent doctor with incomparable skill. His ability to adjust stubborn areas clearly suits his ability to work on all areas of the body. My plaguing recurring back pain was drastically reduced and eliminated in a few short adjustments. I’ll will continue to use Dr. Scott.

- Chris A.

Dr. Scott is Great

I have always been wary of chiropractors, however, when we could not find any medical reasons for dizzy spells my doctor suggested a chiropractor. In less than a month I have gotten rid of the spells, my sense of smell is coming back and my hips don’t hurt when standing for long periods of time. Dr. Scott is great, he really listens to you and makes the necessary adjustments to your treatment. I highly recommend him.

- Susan T.


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