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Reviews for Elite Chiropractic

I can’t believe how much better I feel!

This is the first time I have ever been to a chiropractor. Dr. Scott explained what to expect and I was not sure it could work like he said. After just a couple sessions with Dr. Nigbor, the improvement was surprising. I will continue with the course he planned out for me.

- Patrick H.

Reduced her ear infections significantly!

Dr. Scott and Staff have made care easy and impactful for our 18-month-old. She runs into his office with excitement and leaves in a great mood. His consistent care and treatment have reduced her ear infections significantly and progressed in terms of speech.

- Noah S.

Feels Like Family

I am impressed at the level of care Dr. Scott provides!

I feel as though he knows how important my health is to me and he is working as hard as I am to get me where I need to be. In two visits Dr. Scott did more for me than any chiropractor has done in my entire life. I know I am in good hands.

- Becky W.

He is terrific with kids!

Dr. Scott is, hands down, one of the brightest and fun individuals you will ever meet. I trust him not only with my spine but with my infant daughter as well. He is terrific with kids, and his expertise and care are unmatched. You will have a hard time finding a more personable chiropractor. His genuine interest in each patient’s health and wellness is evident from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave!

- Brittany N.

Dr. Scott takes genuine care of his patients!

I’ve been fighting a cold for the past week and after my adjustment today I had the results I much needed. My nose started draining and my ears unplugged. He brought to my attention that my C1 was causing the problem and after the adjustment things started moving out. It’s cold and flu season so gets in to see Dr. Scott and take care of your health.

- Kelly V.

I have already recommended him to many of my friends!

They are always friendly and willing to work with your schedule. Dr. Scott takes the time to listen to how you are feeling and to explain what is wrong and the effect it is having. I have a great experience every appointment!

-Penny M.


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