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The Neuro Storm

The Neuro Storm is a workshop created over five years ago that in that time has been given around the globe. Since then, it has gone through many enhancements and improvements to incorporate the latest research and scientific data.

With the information shared at these events, we have opened up the eyes and changed the lives of thousands of families when it comes to not only how they view health but also how they take responsibility for their own health and the health of their family.

What is the Neuro Storm?

The Neuro Storm is called so as it explains what is happening to our children today. Never before have we seen such high rates of autism, ADHD, SPD, ASD, OCD, colic, allergies, asthma, ear infections, constipation, migraines, etc. The list goes on and on at alarming rates.

The truth is, it’s not one thing that causes all of these problems…but instead is a set of many different “common ingredients” that add up and accumulate eventually manifesting in the form of multiple disorders, various diagnoses, and labels.

This is a unique workshop because Dr. Scott is able to show attendees why such an overlap of co-morbidities exists in these kids such as gut, immune, and respiratory disorders and challenges. This WILL BE, the most important and informative talk you have been to.

The information given will leave you wondering and asking yourself…. Is that WHY my son / daughter has been struggling with that issue all these years. The SOLUTION will also be given. Real answers, real solutions, real results.

To learn more information about the science of the Neuro Storm click here.

Contact our office and ask us about our next Neuro Storm workshop. Dr. Scott looks forward to hearing from you.

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