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Pediatrics & Pregnancy Chiropractic in Sun Prairie

Chiropractic for Healthy Mom & Baby

We understand that our nervous system is our master controller system that coordinates every single function in our body. The health of a pregnant woman directly affects the health of a child and that begins at the beginning of the pregnancy. Having proper spinal function and proper nervous system function is essential to the development of the fetus and child at the beginning stages of life that allows mother and child to be at a state of ease and comfort.

Chiropractic care extends much past the aches and pains that occur during a pregnancy, especially during the 3rd trimester, and optimizes the neurological function and natural processes that the body is designed to do.

With proper alignment and balanced pelvis, it ensures that the developing baby has plenty of room to grow and develop in the womb. By maintaining normal motion of the body and its functions through chiropractic care, it also improves the expectant mother’s ability to have a safe, natural, and comfortable pregnancy and delivery. Research shows that those under routine chiropractic care during their pregnancies have 30% less labor times during their deliveries.

Sun Prairie WI Chiropractor Dr. Scott Nigbor adjusting child

Health & Wellness Begins in Childhood

Birth is one of the most traumatic events that a person will go though and can result in undiagnosed spinal trauma and is a common occurrence. That birth trauma can lead to a variety of issues and conditions that we see affecting our children and communities today. When we begin care with our children from the beginning, it can reduce the effects of the birth trauma and set them up on a path of health, wellness, and creates brighter futures.

We believe that applied knowledge is power and we work to ensure the comfort of our pediatric patients and their parents. Dr. Scott Nigbor always take the time to explain everything that is going on with each of our patients and what we are doing and how we will care for each patient. Through the technology we utilize in the office to our adjusting techniques, we ensure gentle and effective care enjoyed by all.

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Pediatrics & Pregnancy Chiropractic in Sun Prairie
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