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Meet Dr. Kyle Collins

Growing Up Chronically Sick

Dr. Kyke CollinsDr. Kyle Collins wishes he knew about Chiropractic care as a child growing up chronically sick. He was born 2.5 months prematurely, and with a weakened immune system. He recalls having strep throat and ear infections several times every year, and unfortunately, the only answer his family knew about was emergency visits and antibiotics.

As a teen and into his early 20’s, Dr. Kyle frequently suffered with headaches and brain fog as well as trouble sleeping peacefully through the nights. At the age of 23, after having his business degree and working in Michigan, New Orleans, and Europe, he wasn’t satisfied with his career prospects.

I wasn’t helping people in the capacity I felt I was always called to do. I didn’t know what that looked like, but it certainly wasn’t in what I was doing.

The Tool To Serve Others

Enter chiropractic. Although he had never been adjusted, Dr. Kyle started working for a chiropractic office in Michigan (born & raised there). After his 2nd adjustment, the headaches were gone, he could think more clearly, sleep better, and finally found his passion and tool to serve others in the future. Six months after that, Dr. Kyle was starting his first day at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa (same school as Dr. Scott). He graduated in 2015 and has loved serving patients ever since! Not to mention since starting chiro school in 2012, rarely any headaches, no ear infections, and only one antibiotic for an abscessed
tooth in that time frame!

Outside The Office

Dr. Kyle moved to Madison in June 2017 as his wife got placed at UW Hospitals for her Neurology Residency. As a neurologist, she understands the vitality & life that flows through the nervous system & gets her weekly wellness adjustments. Together, they love traveling, doing adventurous things (skydiving, bungee jumping, eloping for their 1st marriage), & have aspirations of serving on Missions Trips with Doctors Without Borders. Additionally, Dr. Kyle loves all sports (particularly basketball, pickleball, mountain biking), cards, board games, family time, & being active at his church.

Dr. Kyle is thrilled to be joining the amazing team at Elite Chiropractic, & looks forward to continue bringing hope & healing to the greater Sun Prairie area.

The best thing I can do is empower patients to achieve the life they’ve always wanted through consistent chiropractic care & wellness lifestyles. Give them hope back. Watch the light come back into their eyes. I love serving kids, families, athletes, & anyone with aspirations of being their best selves. Looking forward to meeting you all!

If you’re wondering how chiropractic care can make a difference in your family’s life, contact us today!

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